From an Arts Together Parent 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the staff of Arts Together and all that you do for the children of our area, including my own. My children have been students at Arts Together for the past 2+ years and they absolutely love it. As you can imagine, tuition for 3 kids could get expensive but with the help of the scholarships provided by Arts Together, they have been able to feed their passion for dance. 

Since they have become a member of the Arts Together family, I have definitely seen a change in their confidence and attitudes. My oldest daughter volunteered as a junior youth counselor for the summer camp last year and has been awarded a position as a youth counselor again this summer. She has a definite love for the arts and even made the drama/dance clubs at her high school. My middle daughter has come out of her shy shell and flourished this year. As a result, she was also assigned a leading role in her middle school musical.  I could not imagine her having the confidence to do that before attending Arts Together.  She also has been invited to join the Rainbow Dance Company for this upcoming year. My son has taken a definite liking to the Hip Hop Dance Class that he was enrolled in and wants to continue to learn more in the future. 

Again, I want to just say thanks for the opportunity for my kids to follow their passion and enjoy this world of dance.  It has definitely been a blessing for my family. We are definite looking forward to many more years as a part of the Arts Together Family.

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From an Arts Together Preschool Parent

I regularly sing the praises of Arts Together and have recommended so many friends to Arts Together preschool and summer programs.

My son is energetic, inquisitive, creative and very bright. Arts Together's preschool program focused his energy and taught him how to explore the world with an artistic, physically mindful, and creative point of view. The resources in art class allowed my son to create fantastic works of art that expressed his current understanding of the world. He was exposed to mediums like tempura and glazed clay and experienced the joy and satisfaction of realizing his artistic vision on a daily basis. He enjoyed the exhilaration of performing on stage in the preschool musicals. He learned to memorize lines, take stage direction, and conquer his stage fright with some "magic smell spray" aka a spritz of perfume from his wonderful caring teacher, Ms. Sherri. Dance class with Ms. Karen taught him the finer points of movement and space as well as scientific concepts and various cultural traditions. The love and commitment to my son's education and creative development is what we loved and valued most from the Arts Together staff. He went to kindergarten as a confident, creative student thanks to Arts Together.

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From the Mother of a Creative Dance Student

Our daughter was diagnosed some time ago with gross motor skills problems. The dance and movement classes at Arts Together have strengthened her muscles and helped with her development. She gets a lot of joy from music and seems to show a natural sense for rhythm and dancing. The teachers at Arts Together have been very sensitive to her issues, and have really helped her and encouraged her to do what she finds difficult.