Summer dance participants learning the ins and outs of hip hop.

Teen Modern Intensive Workshop (AgeS 11-15)

AUG 5-9 • 4:30-6:00 PM

Instructor: Carter Crew

This week-long intensive provides serious dancers with strong training in modern technique, partnering, improvisation and choreography. Dancers are challenged in a fun and supportive atmosphere as technical ability and creativity are emphasized equally. Two years minimum experience required.

Rate: $125

Summer evening DANCE card (ages 14+)

Explore dance as a creative outlet this summer or enhance your technique and skill! We know it’s difficult to sign up for summer classes that require attendance week after week, but our Summer Evening Dance Card gives you the ultimate flexibility to mix and match dance classes that best fit your summer plans! Arts Together offers dance classes for all experience levels – beginner, intermediate or advanced. Try hip hop, modern dance, ballet, contemporary jazz, world dance and more!


Rate: $150


Rate: $80

Drop-ins Welcome! $20 Drop-in Fee per Class

If you decide to purchase a 5 or 10 Class Card after dropping-in, the $20 drop-in fee will be applied toward the cost of your class card.

Summer Dance Schedule

Summer Dance At a glance

JUNE 10 – AUG 8 *No ClassES July 1-4* 

MONDAYS • 6:15-7:45 PM

JUNE 10 – AUG 5

  • Intermediate Modern Technique


JUNE 11 – AUG 6

  • Yoga - JUNE 11 & 18

  • Beginning/Intermediate Modern - JUNE 25, JULY 9 & 16

  • Beginning Hip Hop - JULY 23 & 30, AUG 6

WEDNESDAYS • 6:15-7:45 PM

JUNE 12 – AUG 7

  • Intermediate/Advanced Modern Technique


JUNE 13 – AUG 8

  • Intermediate Ballet - JUNE 13, 20 & 27
    **MAKE UP DATE: AUG 1 (due to June 20 cancellation)

  • World Dance - JULY 11, 18 & 25

  • Beginning Contemporary Jazz - AUG 1 & 8

Summer Dance Class Descriptions

Mondays • 6:15-7:45 PM

JUNE 10 – AUG 5 (8 WEEKS)

Intermediate Modern Technique

Instructors will include: Glenda Mackie, Steven James Rodriguez Velez, Ronald West, Natalie Morton, Michelle Pearson, Renay Aumiller

Students with a thorough grounding in modern dance work are invited to solidify their execution of technique and understanding of dance theory. Classes may include improvisation and composition in order to foster students’ growth into well-rounded dancers who have both strong technique and individual style. Two years minimum experience required. 

Tuesdays' Sampler • 6:15-7:15 PM

Yoga – JUNE 11 & 18 (2 WEEKS)

Instructor: Glenda Mackie

This vinyasa yoga class will improve your physical and mental well-being. We focus on increased body awareness while cultivating flexibility, strength and balance. Breath work and meditation make this an excellent class for those wishing to exercise body, mind and spirit. Suitable for all levels.

Beginning/Intermediate Modern – JUNE 25, JULY 9 & 16 (3 WEEKS)

Instructor: Betsy Ward-Hutchinson

Perfect for new dancers or individuals with prior dance experience that have been out of practice, this introduction to modern technique focuses on the basic fundamentals and vocabulary of modern dance. Students also increase their flexibility, muscle tone, short term memory, imagination and an awareness of how the body can move in the safest and most efficient manner. No experience required. 

Beginning Hip Hop - JULY 23 & 30, AUG 6 (3 WEEKS)

Instructor: Carter Crew

Students learn stylized, rhythmic and coordinated hip hop moves and then put them together in a combination to a current hip hop hit! A consistent weekly warmup with upbeat music helps participants isolate and strengthen different muscle groups. Relieve stress and condition the body while dancing in a safe and supportive environment! No experience required.

Wednesdays • 6:15-7:45 PM

JUNE 12 – AUG 7 (8 WEEKS)

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Technique

Instructors will include: Glenda Mackie, Michelle Pearson, Betsy Ward-Hutchinson, Natalie Morton, Renay Aumiller

This class was designed for students with a solid command of modern dance vocabulary. Technique is refined as students master increasingly difficult dance combinations and exercises. Using a collaborative structure, emphasis is placed on improvisation to increase students’ creative abilities. Four years minimum experience required.


Intermediate Ballet – JUNE 13, 20 & 27 (3 WEEKS)

**MAKE UP DATE: AUG 1 (due to June 20 cancellation)
Instructor: Steven James Rodriguez Velez

Dancers continue their ballet training in vocabulary, positions and traditional steps, while being challenged in sequencing and difficult movement positions. Physical alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and control within a tension-free body is emphasized. Two years minimum experience required.

World Dance – JULY 11, 18 & 25 (3 WEEKS)

Instructor: Nischitha Shetty (July 11) & Steven James Rodriguez Velez (July 18 & 25)

Dance is a portal to a culture and its people. On July 11, join us for Bollywood led by Nischitha Shetty, well-known Bollywood choreographer in the Triangle! Seen in popular Indian musical films, Bollywood is an exciting fusion of many different styles, including classical Indian dance, hip hop, belly dance, Latin dance and more. Nischitha’s experience spans 20 years, and she has been teaching dance for the last 10 years, including Bollywood classes at Ninth Street Dance in Durham. On July 18 and 25, explore Salsa, Merengue and other world dances from Cuba and Latin America with Steven James Rodriguez Velez! Prepare to whine your waist, move and groove, and shimmy and shake to rhythms from around the world. No experience required.

Beginning Contemporary Jazz - AUG 1 & 8 (2 WEEKS)

Instructor: Natalie Morton

Often syncopated, this dynamic dance form combines elements of modern dance with jazz, using high levels of energy. Students learn floor work exercises, a variety of turns and leaps, isolations, basic inversions and hip and pelvis work, while moving with sharp dynamics! No experience required.