Scholarship applications are accepted at the beginning of the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions and should accompany your class registration form with your $45 registration fee. (Scholarship applications for the Preschool program must include at least $45 of the $290 preschool application fee.)

  • Scholarships are awarded as a percentage of tuition. There may be a very limited number of full tuition scholarships available in any given semester.

  • Scholarships may be decreased or terminated if a student/family demonstrates a low level of commitment to their classes or is absent an excessive number of times.

  • Families with an unpaid tuition balance at the end of any semester will not be eligible for scholarships until the unpaid balance is paid.

  • Scholarships are not available for Preschool Lunch Bunch and Summer Afternoon Chill.

  • For any questions regarding the scholarship application process, please contact Stephen Wall, Director of Operations & Finance, at 919.828.1713 or


The Scholarship Application Form must include:

  • Completed application form

  • Completed registration form and registration fee

  • One of the following:

    • Most recent Federal Tax Return

    • W2 Forms documenting income on tax return

    • The previous two months pay stubs for all wage earners in the family.

  • A short letter (no longer than one page) from the parent or guardian describing why Arts Together classes would be beneficial to your child and explaining why you are requesting a scholarship.

** Incomplete applications not accompanied by proper financial documentation will not be eligible for consideration.

Note: The $45 registration fee may be refunded if the class gets cancelled or the scholarship is not awarded and the student cannot attend class.  (For Preschool applications, the $45 portion of the $290 preschool registration fee paid may be refunded if the scholarship is not awarded.)


  • Scholarships applications for Preschool should be submitted within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance letter.

  • Scholarship applications for Fall/Spring and Summer programming are accepted throughout the year.

  • Families will be notified within 15 – 30 days after submitting the application.