SUMMER SPARKS Seniors (AGES 9-12) 

This page reflects programming from Summer 2018. Programming for Summer 2019 will be online by January 30, 2019.

Arts Together is thrilled to offer a series of fun and enriching summer camp programs for nine to twelve at Raleigh Charter High School, conveniently located only a five minute drive away from Arts Together. Campers who participate in the Arts Together Summer Sparks camps will be able to take advantage of Raleigh Charter's gorgeous facilities.  Families who are looking for special arts and educational enrichment programs for their children won't want to miss out on these exciting camps, taught by full-time teachers (many from the Wake County Public School System). Nine to twelve-year-olds can sign up for a half day camp or a whole day comprised of two camps. All campers should pack a snack and a reusable drink container each day. Those attending all day will have a supervised 30 minute lunch period and will need to bring their own lunch. 

Tuition of Summer Sparks Senior camps are $165 per half day camp unless otherwise noted.

summer sparks senior camps


June 18-22

Wizard World (FULL DAY CAMP!): If you have a mind for wizard skills, this way to parchment, cloaks and quills. We will study myths, legends, lore and wondrous things that came before. Build your own wand, explore magical plants, practice your potions and transform through movement. There is a magic to find in the world around you and you just might discover that you are magical too! Note: This is a full day camp that meets in the morning and afternoon. Students will need to bring two snacks and a lunch each day. Tuition: $350 (includes materials fee) Instructors: Karen Warr, Sarah Rainbolt and Sherri Pekks

June 25-29

Mini Maker: Creating Miniature Worlds (FULL DAY CAMP!):
 Great things can come in very small packages!  Students will gather inspiration from everyday objects and shrink them down to create their own imaginative tiny worlds. Many different materials will be used including polymer clay and simple mold making techniques.  Terrariums, dioramas, miniature figures, tiny foods, furniture and more! What wonderful miniature worlds will you create. Note: This is a full day camp that meets in the morning and afternoon. Students will need to bring two snacks and a lunch each day. Tuition: $330 Instructor: Renee Boyette


July 9-13

Take The Stage: Senior Theatre Camp (FULL DAY CAMP!): 
Do you enjoy singing, dancing, acting, making music, designing costumes and scenery? Then this week will put all of your creative skills and talents to work as you put together a musical. This camp is a true celebration of the multi-arts approach: campers will spend the mornings working on the music and the afternoons will focus on staging and designing the show. Note: This is a full day camp that meets in the morning and afternoon. Students will need to bring two snacks and a lunch each day. Tuition: $330 Instructors: Edward Freeman and Carolyn Shade-Gray


July 16-20

It's a Mystery to Me:
 What if you are presented a crime scene that is a real mystery to solve?  Let’s learn investigative techniques such as chemical testing, code breaking, scene mapping, eye witness accounts, tracking analysis and other techniques to piece together you solution to our mystery. Tuition: $165 Instructor: Jan Fiorilli

Visual Storytelling: Tell a story with handmade pictures. Collaborate with others. Explore drawing and collaging games that take the anxiety and competition out of making a great piece of art and bring your creative abilities to full bloom in a relaxed and inclusive environment. We will familiarize ourselves with ways in which artists, ancient and contemporary, have engaged the curiosity and imaginations of their audiences, and follow their lead with our own collaborative and individual projects. Tuition: $165 Instructor: Jaclyn Bowie


July 23-27

Stop Motion Animation:
 Do you love creating stories or making movies? This is the camp for you! We will produce our own stop motion animation movies with Legos! Campers will create storyboards, build characters, develop backdrops and produce their own short films. Movies produced in camp will be presented at a red carpet event on the final day of class and shared for friends and family to have on Google drive. Tuition: $165 Instructor: Susan Comer Fisher

Handmade Jewelry and Design: Jewelry making is a great craft for anyone with an eye for design and fashion. With a few basic tools, we will learn how to make friendship bracelets, paint chip earrings, bracelets out of safety pins, Popsicle stick cuff bracelets and use recycled materials to create beautiful jewelry to wear. At the end of the week students will get to bring home their 3 jewelry making tools (round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and cutters) as well as all the fabulous jewelry they create throughout the week. Tuition: $185 (includes materials fee) Instructor: Kathryn Auman


July 30-August 3

Build a Book (FULL DAY CAMP!):
Storytelling is a timeless activity and in this camp your child’s creativity and cognitive thinking will be encouraged as they plan, write, illustrate and bind their own story book.  Fun, creative activities will spur character, setting and plot development.  Various children’s book illustrators, styles and techniques will be explored for bringing their story to life.  Storyboards will be created to aid in planning the relationship between the text and illustrations.  Simple book binding techniques will be learned for finishing your book.  Join us for this fun camp and let your imaginations soar! Note: This is a full day camp that meets in the morning and afternoon. Students will need to bring two snacks and a lunch each day. Tuition: $330 Instructor: Renee Boyette

Late Dismissal

Campers will be able to stay for up to an extra 45 minutes of activities to round out their day.  In addition, you will have a little more flexibility in your travel time! Students enrolled in afternoon sessions may be picked up as late as 5:15pm. This option is only available at the Raleigh Charter High School location.

Late Departure (4:30-5:15pm)         $30 per week