From creating masterpieces with clay to hip hopping, and from dancing through the decades to hooping for health, Arts Together runs riot with summertime adventures for children ages 6-8. Put on a show, compose your own music, paint a picture, or dance ‘til the cows come home! These arts enrichment programs allow children to dig deep into favorite artistic disciplines and/or tackle new ones while having lots of fun. Your child creates a summer full of experiences that are the perfect fit for them! Six to eight-year-olds can sign up for a half day camp or a whole day comprised of two camps. All campers should pack a snack and a reusable drink container each day. Those attending all day will have a supervised 30 minute lunch period and will need to bring their own lunch. 

Tuition of Summer Sampler camps are $165 per camp unless otherwise noted.

summer sampler camps

June 18-22

Hip Hop Hooray
Get funky with us! Students will learn the history of hip hop and rhythmic stylized movements. Students will build strength, coordination and flexibility while making cool hip hop make-and-take crafts throughout the week.  Instructor: Kathryn Auman

Dance Around The World
: What a better way to experience the world than through participating in a multitude of dances? We will travel to each continent learning cultural dances along the way. We’ll even have time to explore the wildlife, landforms and climate of each destination.  No Passport Needed. Instructor: Megan Mazarick


June 25-29

Fairy Tale Ballet
: Come join us for a week of camp dedicated to the magic of fairy tale ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Swan Lake. We will learn some basic ballet techniques, do fun and creative ballet related crafts and learn the stories behind these famous shows. At the end of the week we will have an informal sharing based on all that we have learned during our exciting week of camp. Instructor: Heather Pike

Journey to Atlantis: Do you love creating inspirational and colorful artwork? Enjoy an exploration of fairies, mermaids and unicorns through visual art as we allow our imagination to fly free, dive deep and be enchanted. We will work with a myriad of painting, mixed media and hand building techniques to bring our creations to life through our own unique ideas and visions. Come dance, dream and create! Instructor: Eliza Hearn

July 9-13

Get a Move On
: Jump! Roll! Kick! Spin into action this summer. High-energy movers and shakers use curiosity and imagination to investigate movement and create fun new games. Explore how to relate to rhythm and space by trying out all kinds of movement. From handstands to shoulder rolls, learn about building strength and flexibility in exciting, healthy and creative ways. Instructor: Jessi Tilden

Art of Yoga: Experience the tradition of yoga….through art! We will explore traditional yoga poses, bring awareness to our breath and bodies and enhance connection to the world around us through innovative and educational activities. This camp weaves visual art, yoga, music and play into an enriching week that boosts confidence, sparks creativity and self expression and leaves us with new tools for centering, relaxation and overall wellbeing. Instructor: Eliza Hearn


July 16-20

Hoops for Health
: Your child will be doing loop-de-loops as they hula hoop through the week. Twirling and swirling, they will learn not only how to keep the hoop on their waist, but will learn hula hoops tricks that will have your head spinning. Family and friends are invited to an informal sharing on the final day. Tuition: $185 (includes materials fee) Instructor: Grayson Gant

Drama & Improv
: Does your child love to make up stories and scenarios? This class will help to introduce students to the world of improvisation! We will dive into the students’ imagination and create stories on the fly. Throughout the week the class will create settings and situations, then play with different aspects of the story, like, How can a simple walk to the zoo become a drama? A fantasy? A comedy? Students will learn to listen to their scene partners, play different improvisational games daily and learn the basics of “Yes, and” which is the foundation of improvisation. Join us for this fun and exciting week of camp! Instructor: Olivia Martin


July 23-27

Dancing Through The Decades
: Want to learn where today’s most popular moves came from? Join us as we travel back in time to learn famous dance moves from different eras like The Charleston, The Twist and The Robot. We will also explore pop culture by crafting our very own record labels and trying our hands at tie-dye. At the end of the week we will have choreographed an interpretation of how dance has evolved through the decades which will be presented during an informal sharing on the final day. Instructor: Jessi Tilden

Clay Creations:
 Give your hands and imagination a workout as your develop your clay Building skills.  Explore a variety of hand-building techniques including pinch, slab and coil. Glazed sculptures, pots boxes and more will become your “clay creations”. *NOTE: Clay projects will need time to fire in the kiln and will be ready for pick up at Arts Together approximately 2 weeks after the end of camp. Tuition: $185 (includes materials fee). Instructor: Renee Boyette


July 30-August 3

Step Into Dance:
 Jazz, ballet, swing, African and modern, as well as an introduction to improvisation and choreography- There are so many styles of dance to learn! Here is your chance to try them all. Delve into a different dance form each day, learning technique and then branching out into creative exploration. Family and friends are invited to an informal sharing on the final day. Instructor: Kathryn Auman

Incredible Creatures: What can you make with recycled materials, paper, paint, tape, aluminum foil, yarn, fabric, crayons, wire, feathers and glue?  Discover what you can do when we use our imaginations to create incredible 3-D sculptures of creatures never seen before! Instructor: Michelle Davis Petelinz

August 6-10

Tumble Fun
: From handstands to cartwheels, learn about building strength and increasing flexibility in fun and creative ways! Students will learn tumbling basics through the use of tumbling equipment in a safe and encouraging environment. Instructor: Kathryn Auman

Out of Print: In this camp you will learn about the many types of printmaking. Making momotype prints with gelli-plates, gyotaku, collagraphs, stamp-making, large scale prints with tube rollers and making your won design on a shirt.  Brainstorm with us and bring your own ideas to create one of a kind masterpieces. Once you gain knowledge of the techniques, the imagery is yours to explore. Instructor: Sarah Harris