Multi-arts mornings

Preschoolers dive into the arts and summertime fun during Multi-Arts Mornings! Taught by professional arts educators and following the model of our Multi-Arts Preschool, our youngest campers explore art, dance, drama and music, as well as educational enrichment activities. Each week has a different theme, which instructors use as the focus for their projects and activities. Children registered for multiple weeks like the variety of having something new to look forward to each week. Grouped by age in an informal and nurturing setting, children delight in making new friends and trying new activities.

The student to teacher ratio for Multi-Arts Mornings is 5:1. Students must be age 3 and potty trained by their camp start date. Campers will start their day meeting their counselors and making new friends on a blanket outside.  They will then spend the morning rotating through four enriching arts experiences; Dance, Drama, Art, and Learning Lab.  The car ride home will be exciting as your child tells you about all they learned that day!  All campers should pack a snack and a reusable drink container every day.

Multi-Arts MORNINGS Camps:

9:15am - 12:15pm

$175 per week - scholarships available. 

JUNE 19-23

Adventureland: An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience.  This week we will take a journey exploring all kinds of new adventures like: river rafting, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, circus acrobatics and more!

JUNE 26-30

Tales of Enchantment: Dive into the imaginary world of fairytales, fables and nursery rhymes!  We’ll have fun exploring these exciting tales of long ago and far away!

JULY 10-14

Motion in the Ocean: Oh, the games we will play and in the water and sand.  From seaweed and seashells to fish and flippers, we will have a wet and wild adventure!  Jump in and have a splashing good time with us!

JULY 17-21

It Makes Sense to Me: Can you see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, or smell it?  Join in the fun as we explore all five senses to paint, eat, create, and dance our way through the week.

JULY 24-28

Imagination Station: Does your child have a vivid, wild, explorative imagination?  Join us this week as we encourage this mind strengthening skill.  Oh, just imagine all the things you can think!


All “A Buzz”: What’s the buzz?  Whether they creep, crawl or fly, insects are some of the most unusual neighbors we have on the planet!  Let’s make friends with these crazy creatures!


Amazing Animal Kingdom: From the jungle to the sea to our own backyard, creatures and critters are all around.  Whether they creep, crawl, fly or climb, there are so many to be found!  What animals, birds or reptiles will we encounter as we travel about?


12:15-2:30pm               $80 per week

For Multi-Arts Mornings campers who want their Arts Together day to last a little longer, we offer a supervised lunch break followed by more relaxing activities to bring the day to a close. It’s a great way to spend more time with new friends! Space is very limited in this popular program, so sign up early.

Students attending Afternoon Chill should bring a packed lunch in addition to their daily snack.