Kids Theatre

Arts Together will not be offering a kids musical theatre production this spring.

We are offering one-week day-long summer camps devoted to musical theatre production.  See our Summer Camps page for further details.


This is a great program for kids (ages 7 - 10) who want to try theatre for the first time or enjoy a nurturing environment to cultivate their performing skills. The cast will work together on a short musical including acting, group singing numbers and creative choreography. In the true spirit of multi-arts education, cast members will typically assist with a design element of the show - from mask-making and costume design to scene painting. they'll be able to experience the behind-the-scenes elements of a theatrical production! No acting or performance experience is necessary - children who are just testing the waters are welcome to come audition!  It's a different show and a brand new experience every year, so if you've been in one of our shows before, come join us for another one.