2018-19 fall/spring policies: General info






Please register early to ensure a space in a class.

When registering online, you may pay in full, or in installments. If choosing to pay in installments, a 10% deposit of your total tuition shall be due at time of registration. The remaining 90% of tuition will be collected in installments.  For most classes, this will be collected in 9 monthly installments (September-May).  At the completion of your order your payment plan will be displayed so that you may make note of when installments will be charged. At the completion of your online registration, you will receive a short email confirmation as well. As of November 15, 2018, prices for fall/spring classes have been pro-rated to reflect starting in January. If paying in installments, 20% of this pro-rated tuition shall be due at time of registration, with the remaining 80% collected via four monthly installments (February-May).

Should you wish to pay by check or cash, please contact Arts Together directly for further instructions: office@artstogether.org

Course Cancellations & MISSED CLASSES

Arts Together reserves the right to cancel any course or workshop with insufficient enrollment. If Arts Together cancels a course, full refunds will be issued within one to two weeks.

Refunds and/or credits will not be issued for missed classes, including those missed for sickness and/or weather. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, Arts Together will not make up the first day missed but will make up any subsequent days.

class withdrawals





You are financially responsible for all class and/or workshop tuition, regardless of attendance, until Arts Together receives a written request to withdrawTo withdraw from a class, you must notify Arts Together in writing at least 30 days prior to the change in order to receive a pro-rated refund of your tuition. To withdraw from a workshop, you must notify Arts Together in writing at least 30 days prior to the workshop’s start date to receive a refund of tuition minus a $20 drop fee.  To drop or change a class, contact Stephen Wall, Director of Operations, via email at office@artstogether.org at least 30 days prior to your final class.

We do not always follow weather cancellations as announced by the Wake County Public School System. To confirm whether or not classes have been cancelled, please check the website or call Arts Together at 919.828.1713.  If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, Arts Together will not make up the first day missed but will make up any subsequent days.

financial info

Late Payment Fee – $10            Returned Check Fee – $25

Tuition Payment:  Arts Together will NOT invoice you unless payments are ten (10) days overdue. Please submit all payments by the applicable due dates.

Monthly Payments: Payment is due in equal installments on the first of each month. If you pay by credit card, Arts Together will automatically charge your card each month. If you pay by check, please drop off your check or mail it in by the first of each month.

Payment in Full: You paid in full when registering. Thank you and enjoy the year!

Registration Fees: There shall not be an additional Fall/Spring Registration fee applied to your order in 2018-19. Enjoy!


Unfortunately, due to the large number of students participating in our classes, we are unable to accommodate and be responsible for unsupervised children. Because our lobbies are small, we ask that you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class starts and that you pick-up your child promptly after class.

Student drop-off and pick-up times are very busy times on Saint Mary’s Street and in the circular driveway in front of our building. Because we share space with an apartment building for senior citizens right behind us, we need your help in order to be good neighbors. 

1. If you need to park in the circular driveway to assist your child into or out of the building, please pull all the way over to the right-hand curb, leaving the left lane open to through-traffic. 

2. If you will be waiting at Arts Together throughout your child’s entire class time, after dropping off your child, please move your car out of the circular driveway and park on St. Mary’s Street. 

3. Please do not park (even for a minute) in the driveway leading to the rear of the building – this is a fire/emergency lane that must be left clear for access to the senior citizen apartments behind us. 

4. The parking lot behind Arts Together does not belong to us. Please do not ever park there – no exceptions.

5During drop-off and pick-up times, our circular driveway and St. Mary’s Street are both very busy – please be alert to traffic and your child’s whereabouts at all times.

attire: At the first class meeting, instructors will make recommendations for appropriate class attire should there be any.

  • Art Classes – Parents should keep in mind that projects can be messy. We recommend that students wear clothing that can get dirty and that can be easily cleaned. Students may bring an oversized shirt or smock to wear in class if they prefer.

  • Dance & Movement Classes – We suggest that students wear attire that is comfortable to move in. If you are a first time dancer/mover at Arts Together and are unsure what to wear, come to the first class meeting in a top and sweat pants, loose fitting shorts or pants, or dance pants. The instructor will give advice and recommendations that day. Most classes dance in bare feet. In ballet classes, ballet slippers are recommended for students ages 5-8 and required for ballet students age 9 and older.

  • Drama Classes – Drama students usually take class in school or casual clothes. If the instructor has specific recommendations, they will be made on the first day of class.

  • Yoga Classes – Students should wear attire that they find comfortable to move and stretch in. Most participants wear sweats, yoga pants and/or loose fitting shorts. If you have a yoga mat, blocks, straps, etc., please bring them with you. If you do not have your own mat or accessories, we have plenty to share!

dance fest

Dance Fest is our end of the year celebration and sharing performance for our dance classes.  This year's performance date shall be May 19, 2019.  Some of our classes (mostly those involving kids age 14 and under) will provide a costume to wear at Dance Fest.  There shall be no separate fee for these classes as the cost of the costume has been included in the tuition.