DanceFest is Arts Together’s spring celebration of the growth of our current students! Every May, dance students of all ages spend the last few weeks of class shaping a year’s worth of creative exploration into a short performance piece. Family, friends and other Arts Together students are invited to a series of casual but impressive performances that showcase the hard work and talent of students of all ages. 

This year's DanceFest is Sunday, May 17

Stay tuned for the schedule of when each class will perform throughout the day (each class performs only once). Please note the time that your or your child’s class will be performing. This schedule is not necessarily the order of the performance. 

The dancers should arrive at Arts Together 10-15 minutes before their scheduled performance time through the upper-side lobby door. If another performance is in session, please wait outside until that performance is over. Students can find their teacher by the black curtain at the front of the stage and can sit with their class on the colorful mats. We are fortunate to have our beautiful facility in which to perform; however, seating is limited, so we ask each family to take this fact into consideration when thinking about who to invite. Please invite only 2-4 extra people outside your immediate family. You are welcome to video the performance to show family and friends.

Each performance is only 20-25 minutes long. Please exit the building quickly, so the audience can be seated for the next sharing. Siblings and younger audience members will be asked to sit on the floor down front or in a parent’s lap during the performance, to allow parents and grandparents to sit in a chair. We appreciate your help and understanding as we want to make this experience enjoyable for dancers and their families!

IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION: Parking is available on Saint Mary’s Street, Boylan Avenue and Jones Street, as well as the circle in front of Arts Together. Please do not park in the lot behind Arts Together; this lot is strictly for the Carriage House apartment residents and their guests. 

We look forward to all the class performances and are excited to celebrate a wonderful year of dancing at Arts Together!