Arts Together’s popular Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program, designed for ages 14-16, provides teenagers a valuable volunteer opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, while remaining part of an exciting summer camp environment. Appropriate for both Arts Together alumni and fresh new faces, the CIT Program is perfect for teens who love the arts and working with children.


Applicants must be (at least) entering 8th grade by the coming Fall and should have some experience working with children. We are looking for individuals who possess leadership qualities and who are enthusiastic and motivated. Volunteers must have a sincere passion for working with children and adults.


As a community school for the arts, Arts Together is committed to the creative and collaborative cultivation of individuals. The Counselor-in-Training Program serves two great needs within our community:

  1. To provide leadership and communication training for teens through volunteer experience and mentorship, with the aim of cultivating character, self-confidence and valuable career skills.

  2. To present positive teenage role models to young children attending Arts Together, role models who not only have shared interests in areas of the arts, but who are also concerned with a child's development.


By designing the Counselor-in-Training Program curriculum to suit the needs and interests of its participants, Arts Together affords all CITs opportunities to:

  1. Gain valuable work experience with the aid of a mentor in a nurturing environment.

  2. Develop and practice new social and career skills, including:
    • Making professional introductions with eye contact and a confident smile.
    • Greeting others with firm handshake.
    • Observing professional educators and learning activities while practicing classroom management skills.
    • Developing responsible work behaviors, such as exhibiting a positive attitude, practicing punctuality and professionally communicating with supervisors, peers and children.
    • Operating as a member of a team to reach shared goals.

  3. Explore future career possibilities in the arts and education.

  4. Learn to work as a team to reach shared community goals.

  5. Expand leadership skills for the future.

  6. Build self-confidence and character as a valuable member of the Arts Together community.

  7. Have fun helping kids and participating in camp activities.

  8. Meet new friends and mentors.


Arts Together is not accepting applications at this time. Please check back in February 2020 regarding application instructions for Summer 2020.