Summer Camps & Classes: Register Now!
Dec 21

Summer Camps & Classes: Register Now!

Online registration for Summer 2017 is now available! Arts Together offers a wide variety of multi-arts camps for all ages covering art, music, drama, dance and movement - find your fit!  Join the fun!


Dance Fest
11:00 am11:00

Dance Fest

Dear Arts Together Dancers and Families,

Dance Fest is coming up soon!  Our annual, end-of-the-year, dance sharing will take place on Saturday, May 13 here at Arts Together.  On the back of this sheet is a schedule of when each class will be performing throughout the day. Each class performs only once. Please note the time that your or your child’s class will be performing.  This schedule is not necessarily the order of the performance. 

The dancers should arrive at Arts Together 10-15 minutes before their scheduled performance time through the upper side lobby door. If another performance is in session, please wait outside until that performance is over. Students can find their teacher by the black curtain at the front of the stage and sit with their class on the colorful mats.  We are fortunate to have the beautiful Arts Together space in which to perform. However, seating is limited, so we ask that each family take this into consideration when thinking about who to invite. Please think about only inviting 2-4 people. You are welcome to video the performance so you can show family and friends. Each performance is only 30min. long. We ask that you exit the building quickly in order to seat the audience for the next sharing. Siblings and younger audience members will be asked to sit on the floor down front or in a parent’s lap during the performance, to allow parents and grandparents to sit in a chair. We appreciate your help and understanding as we want to make this experience enjoyable for dancers and their families.

***Important Parking Information***

Parking is available on St. Mary’s Street and Jones Street as well as the circle in front of Arts Together. Please do not park in the parking lot behind Arts Together; this lot is strictly for the Carriage House apartment residents and their guests. 

We look forward to all of the class performances. What a great way to celebrate and share a wonderful year of dancing at Arts Together!

Kathryn Auman
Dance Director

Dance Fest Schedule Saturday, May 13 2017

Performance time 11:30am

Stacey’s Dance Play (Saturday 9:30-10:15)

Felice’s Pre Ballet/Creative Dance (Saturday 9:30-10:15)

Rachel’s Beg./Int. Ballet (Wednesday 4:30-5:30) 

Performance time 12:15pm

Lauren’s Dance Play (Friday 1:00-1:45)

Ann’s Creative Dance & Hippity Hop (Tuesday 4:30-5:15)

Rachel’s Int./Adv. Ballet (Wednesday 5:30-7:00) 

Performance time 1:00pm

Karen’s Beginning Modern (Monday 4:30-5:30)

Betsy’s Beg. Ballet/ Creative Dance (Wednesday 4:30-5:30)

Jessi’s Rainbow Repertory (Tuesday)

Performance time 1:45pm

Jessi’s Pre Ballet/Pre Jazz (Monday 4:30-5:15)

Kayla’s Hip Hop for Kids (Tuesday 4:30-5:30)

Glenda’s Rainbow Repertory (Monday)

Performance time 2:30pm

Kayla’s Hip Hop ‘Tweens (Tuesday 5:30-6:30)

Glenda’s Advanced Modern (Monday 5:30-7:00)

Jessi’s Intermediate Teen Modern (Monday 5:30-6:30)

Performance time 3:15pm

Ann’s Growing Together (Tuesday 11:15-12:00)

Jennifer’s Int./Adv. Modern (Tuesday 7:00-8:30)

Kathryn’s Rainbow Repertory (Wednesday)

Performance time 4:00pm

Michelle’s Intermediate Ballet (Thursday 4:00-5:00)

Kathryn’s Intermediate Modern (Wednesday 5:30-7:00)

Michelle’s Rainbow Repertory (Wednesday)

Performance time 4:45pm

Kathryn’s Beg./Int. Modern Technique (Thursday 5:30-6:30)

Michelle’s Advanced Modern (Wednesday 5:30-7:00)

RDC Seniors



Kid's Musical: Squirm!
Apr 30

Kid's Musical: Squirm!

TICKETS: Performances will be on Friday, April 28 at 7pm; Saturday, April 29 at 5pm, and Sunday, April 30 at 2pm. The performances will be held at Pittman Auditorium on the campus of Saint Mary's School. 

Spiders! Snakes! Bats! Worms! Join the wiggles and squiggles as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy Long Legs, Hook Worm, Snake and a host of other critters take over the stage. But wait... just listen carefully to learn how things that make us squirm can really be "A-OK." This musical adventure will also feature 'commercials' designed by the cast and should run for 30-35 minutes. It is sure to be a blast!

Click here for tickets:

Arts Together Day at Zoes Kitchen North Hills
9:30 am09:30

Arts Together Day at Zoes Kitchen North Hills

Spread the Word: Eat at Zoes Kitchen at North Hills and Support Arts Together!

When: Tuesday, April 4th, All Day
Where: Zoe's Kitchen in North Hills
141 Park at N Hills St #112, Raleigh, NC 27609

Our fundraiser comes in two parts:

1. A portion of the sales will be donated directly to programing at Arts Together!

***Just make sure to tell the cashier at check-out that you are there for Arts Together.

2. Our Art Director, Renee Boyette, has worked with the Preschool children to create artwork that will be for sale. Each child has created an oil pastel/watercolor piece on canvas board that will be sold for $20 each. All of the artwork proceeds go to our scholarship program to help families that are unable to afford full-tuition. The artwork is incredible - come check it out!

Mar 4


Arts Together is proud to sponsor The Rainbow Dance Company, a multi-age modern dance company.

Now in its 37th season, Rainbow Dance Company was the brainchild of Arts Together founder Lemma Mackie. This multi-age company celebrates the strength of the many creative voices found in children, teens and adults. Dancers are invited to join after showing a passion and commitment for creating, learning and performing. Company members are seen as collaborative artists who contribute throughout the choreographic process. 

Purchase Tickets to the Concert on our Rainbow Dance Company Page. 

Kids Theatre Auditions!
5:00 pm17:00

Kids Theatre Auditions!

Have a blossoming stage performer? Check out Arts Together's Kids Theatre Program - perfect for beginners! We have auditions for kids ages 6-10 coming up on February 27th for our Spring musical, Squirm! Check out more on our Kids Theatre Page!